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Ali’s Pharma

Viomin Syrup

Iron, Folic Acid & B-Complex

Azolin Syrup

Anti Spasmodic 120ml

Q-Pex Suspension

Anti-Diarrheal 120ml

Gericid Syrup

Acidity, Flatulence, Dyspepsia

OSTI Syrup

Calcium, Vitamin D 12ml

Tiecid Suspension

Best for Acidity 120ml

Tiecid Suspension

Best for Acidity 120ml

Gericid Syrup

Strawberry Flavour 120ml

Bone Tablet

Vitamin C & D, Calcium + Zinc

MIOC Tablet

Effervescent Drink Mix

Zyme Syrup

Digestive Syrup 120ml

Dr Cure Syrup

Natural Cough Syrup

C-REX Tablet

Effervescent Drink Mix

OSTI Tablet

Strong Bones, Strong Teeth

CranMac Sachets

Cranberry Extract 250 mg

Pre Mint Syrup

Digestive Syrup

Uron-T Syrup

Urinary Tract Infection 120ml

ZYME Syrup

Appetizer & Gastro Protective

Nugink Syrup

Ginko Biloba 240ml

Laxon Tablet

Sennosides A&B Phyto Laxative